About Viña Española

When the Swedish import monopoly was phased out in 1995 the foundation for our operations was laid. At that time, in Sweden, Rioja was the most common wine. Mariano took the opportunity to introduce the Swedes to a wider variety of grapes. Today Viña Española collaborates with over 50 selected wineries in Spain. We can therefore offer the full Spanish range with over 300 different wines.

90% of the vineyards we work with, are like ourselves, family businesses, where knowledge, culture and development is naturally passed on from generation to generation. Vineyards that combine an ambition and passion to provide the genuine article. Small-scale producers with complete control over the whole process, from vine to bottle. Producers who need to be innovative in order to become known and successful. However, we have opted out of modern innovations such as bag-in-box. We prefer the feel of the traditional bottle and believe that wine is best kept in the natural product of pure glass.